OASIS – Spring of the Holy Spirit, Inc. is organized for the sole purpose of providing religious and spiritual programs to educate, enlighten and enhance the spirituality of its participants.  Its function is to be a wellspring of the Holy Spirit.

To accomplish our stated mission we offer seminars, lecture series and discussion groups which allow the participants an opportunity to experience spiritual development through the attainment of better knowledge and personal understanding of one’s spiritual life.

Lecture sessions are video courses by renowned presenters on topics such as Church History, Scripture and Spirituality. Most programs are DVD presentations with reflective questions for group discussion.  Click on this link to view the library offerings for our lecture series.

Discussion groups have a small number of participants to enable all to benefit from the discussion on selected readings from scripture, books or publications from recognized authors on topics such as, Ministry, Discernment, Prayer and Spirituality.  Click on this link to view our offerings for small groups.

OASIS – Spring of the Holy Spirit, Inc. hosts an annual event with a panel of well-known experts to discuss the current relevant topics of interest to people of faith. Click on this link to view our seminar offering.